Christ, the Best Physician

Christ is more than sufficient to meet all our needs. We look amiss when we look away from Him. No man, no woman, be it prophet or whosoever should ever even compete nor compare with Christ’s place and position in our hearts.

I excerpted the following few lines from Thomas Watson, the Puritan, who gives the following argument why Christ is our best Physician:

  1. He is the most skillful physician; there is no disease too hard for Him – “Who healeth all thy diseases.”
  2. Christ is the best physician, because He cures the better part, the soul; other physicians can cure the liver or spleen, Christ cures the heart; they can cure the blood when it is tainted, Christ cures the conscience when it is defiled; “How much more shall the blood of Christ purge your conscience from dead works?”
  3. Christ is the best physician, for He causeth us to feel our disease.
  4. Christ shows more love to His patients than any physician besides.
  5. Christ is the cheapest physician. [He cures for free]
  6. Christ heals with more ease than any other: other physicians apply pills, potions, bleeding, [surgery]; Christ cures with more facility. Christ made the devil go out with a word.
  7. Christ is the most tender-hearted physician. He hath ended His passion, yet not His compassion.
  8. Christ never fails of success.
  9. Christ cures not only our diseases, but our deformities. The physician can make the sick man well; but if he be deformed, he cannot make him fair. Christ gives not only health, but beauty. Sin hath made us ugly and misshapen.
  10. And lastly, Christ is the most bountiful physician. Other patients do enrich their physicians, but here the physician doth enrich the patient. Christ prefers all His patients; He doth not only cure them, but crown them. Christ cloth not only raise from the bed, but to the throne; He gives the sick man not only health, but heaven.

But you said mine is an old inveterate disease, and I fear it is incurable. Though thy disease be chronical, Christ can heal it. Since Jesus Christ be our perfect spiritual Physician, let us labour to hasten the cure of our souls. Let us labour to enter into His rest.

Away with everyone! Strengthens me, dearest Heavenly Father, against my enemies. Defend me against false gospel and false brethren and false practices and dead traditions. Let them be as chaff before the wind: and let thy Holy Spirit chase them far away from me. Let their way be dark and slippery: and let the angel of the LORD persecute all them that come against me to do me harm. Let me see their end, but never let them see mine.

Thou O Christ Art all I Want;
More than all in Thee I find.
Spring Thou Up Within My Heart
Rise to all eternity

Make me eternally see Thine beauteous face and welcoming smile;
Let me know and feel what it means to be forever united with Thee

A servant of Jesus Christ, husband, father and an entrepreneur. Aspiring theologian and preacher. Owolabi is happily married to Oluseun and their union is blessed with children.

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