The Veil in Marriage

Lot means a covering or a veil. Lot could represent a person, job, career or any personal pursuit that is a potential threat to the peace of your marriage and God’s vision. He was a covering in the home of Abraham and Sarah. He went with Abraham, His Uncle and Sarah, his wife but they never revolted because sending him back will make the family at Haran to raise eyebrow that they were mean to the Orphan.

Who or What have you allowed into your home to cover the glory of your home and to break the oneness between you and your spouse because of what family or friends will say? Don’t do anything to please friends and family?

Remember that the marriage covenant is that the two shall become one flesh. Remove every covering hovering over your marriage!

The marriage of Abraham and Sarah was instituted by God. They were to be naked to one another before the Lord spiritually, Financially, Socially and others. The Lord called them ALONE out of their country and family.
Isaiah 51:1-2 Hearken to me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek the LORD: look unto the rock [whence] ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit [whence] ye are digged. Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah [that] bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him.

  1. He covered the nakedness of their childlessness. He was like a son to them. He might probably have inherited the possession of Abraham.
  2. So that nations in Canaan will not make jest of their state of childlessness. He was to them as a covering son so that neither the trained servant nor chief Steward in their house would inherit Abraham’s possession. Gen 15:1-3
    A son will abide in the house forever but a servant will not abide forever. John 8:35.
  3. Lot’s covering did not make God to show Abraham the full extent of the land of Canaan.
  4. Lot increased in riches at the expense of the marriage covenant. The covenant of marriage was breached when Sarah was taken as Pharaoh’s wife. Lot was getting wealthy in Egypt while Sarah was abducted and a home was destroyed. What a Shame!
  5. Famine: Every God’s given vision has a limited allocated resources. God did not plan for Lot in the land of Canaan. Lot’s portion was not factored in the promise land, thus, he siphoned the limited resources available in the house of Abraham and caused lack.
  6. Lot’s increase brought constrained to the portion of Abraham. The land could no longer contain them.
  7. There was strife between the herdsmen of Lot and Abraham’s herdsmen on Abraham’s portion.
  8. One could assume that Abraham valued Lot than Sarah because:
    Abraham let go of his wife to Pharaoh to be abducted because of fear of being killed in Egypt but he could risk his life and that of his 318 trained servants to rescue Lot from the four kings that took Lot captive despite the disrespect he showed him when he decided to leave him. He could not destroy one king to save his home but could destroyed four kings to save his nephew. Gen12:14-20, Gen 14:12-16
    Husbands and wives do you go all out for your spouse the way you go all out to rescue the LOT in your home?
  9. When the veil was removed, that is, Lot separated from Abraham, Abraham received a more definite vision/promise from God; the vision became clearer and more enlarged. God did not show Abraham this clearer vision because of the extra luggage, Lot, knowing he was greedy and would want the best for himself and as usual take part of it. Gen 13: 14-17

When Abraham returned from Egypt (repentance)/and called on the name of the Lord at the first altar which he erected to God at Shechem, God did not answer him (Gen 13 :1-4) but immediately Lot separated from him, God told Abraham, ‘NOW lift up your eyes and look…, he was told to Arise and walk through it his possession by faith.(Gen 13:14)
What did God mean when he told Abraham to ‘Lift up His eyes’? It meant absolute dependence on God for help.
When he first arrived at Canaan and God appeared to him and told him the promise, God did not show him, ‘to what extent’, ‘how to possess it’, ‘when to possess it’ but when Lot left God told him to Arise and start to possess.

Any relative that wants to destroy your marriage or compete with the vision of God for your life, God knows how to drive them away through the lust in their heart. Just pray and commit it in the hands of God and he will orchestrate the exit but you have to be willing and ready to let go just as Abraham did.
The best is that married couple should obey every word of God: I have called you to be separated, thus, no Lot should accompany the journey.

The bible called Lot a righteous man. 2Peter 2:7- 9 What Abraham failed to understand was that the instrument for God’s dealing upon a man’s life for perfection is where God has placed the man. If Lot had remained in Haran where God left him, the lust for worldly things could have been dealt with there. Sarah, Rebekah and Leah were women made at Haran because there God had the instruments for their making so they could be perfect.

Rebekah and Leah were brought into the promise of God for Abraham from Haran at God’s appointed time. God could bring in Lot to be part of it in his own appointed time.

Despite Lot’s colossal loss of everything he worked for at Sodom and Gomorrah, God had Mercy on his generation, someone from his generation was brought into the promise of Christ to Abraham; this was Ruth the Moabite. Moab was the son of Lot. She came in at God’s appointed time.
Lot’s generation could have missed it but because God will bring people from all nations into the covenant of peace in Jesus, thus Ruth was brought inside the promise, yet into Canaan.

So, put that LOT where it rightly belong , let go of that pursuit or desire, God knows how to sort it out and bring it in at his own timing don’t walk this journey of your marriage with a LOT that will LOOT Gods promises for your marriage.

God loves Lot more than you love Lot. You can’t love him more than God does, hence leave that Lot alone for God to deal with him.

Sunday Oladiran is a teacher of God's Word, committed to the revival and reformation of the body of Christ. He lives in Ibadan, Nigeria, together with his wife, Bukola. They have two children.

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