In The Father’s House

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The wanderer no more will roam,
The lost one to the fold hath come,
The prodigal is welcomed home,
O Lamb of God, to Thee!

Though clothed in rags, by sin defiled,
The Father did embrace His child;
And I am pardoned, reconciled,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!

It is the Father’s joy to bless;
His love has found for me a dress,
A robe of spotless righteousness,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!

And now my famished soul is fed,
A feast of love for me is spread,
I feed upon the children’s bread,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!

Yea, in the fulness of His grace,
God put me in the children’s place,
Where I may gaze upon His face,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!

Not half His Love can I express,
Yet, Lord, with joy my lips confess,
This blessed portion I possess,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!

Thy precious name it is I bear,
In Thee I am to God brought near,
And all the Father’s love I share,
O Lamb of God, in Thee!

Walker, Mary Jane Deck, 1816-1878

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