Journeying with Jesus for the Harvest

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Any journey we take without Jesus leading us, will only lead to an undesirable end. We saw that when He was going from Judea to Galilee, there was a need for Him to go through Samaria; a region of great hostility and the disciples followed in His leading. On getting to Jacob’s well at noon Jesus was wearied and He sat on the well but His disciples had gone to the city of Sychar to buy food without the leading of Jesus.

They went into the city and got food; the only way they could have gotten food is for them to compromise their faith in Jesus. As a disciple of Jesus we are to bear His yoke and burden, when we do we will sit where He is sitting and not go ahead of Him in His journey.

Sunday Oladiran is a teacher of God's Word, committed to the revival and reformation of the body of Christ. He lives in Ibadan, Nigeria, together with his wife, Bukola. They have two children.

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